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Santa's Checklist: The Top Qualities Elves Need to Work for the Big Guy.

Updated: Dec 15, 2023


When we think of Santa's workshop, images of hardworking elves diligently making toys come to mind; these magical creatures have been a staple of Christmas folklore for centuries, known for their cheerful demeanour and vital role in aiding Santa on his journey to deliver presents to children all over the world. But have you ever wondered what Santa looks for exactly in an elf? What qualities and skills are necessary to be chosen as one of Santa's trusted helpers?

In this article, we will delve into the world of Santa's workshop and explore the characteristics that make an elf stand out among the rest. From their physical appearance to their personality traits, we will uncover the secrets of being one of Santa's loyal and hardworking elves. So, let's take a peek behind the scenes and discover what Santa truly looks for in an elf.

Santa reading to the elves in the North Pole. Donnan Coaching Services.
Santa reading to the elves.

Pointy Ears, Jolly Attitude, Check!

When Santa recruits elves for his workshop, he's not just looking for pointy ears and a jolly attitude, although those are essential qualities. Santa knows that being an elf is no small task, so he's searching for a unique set of skills. First and foremost, an elf must be an expert in toy-making, with the ability to craft magical creations that bring joy to children all around the world. Attention to detail is crucial, as Santa's standards are as high as his sleigh. And let's remember teamwork - elves must work together seamlessly, like a well-oiled toy-making machine. So, if you've got the skills, the spirit, and a love for all things festive, you might have what it takes to join Santa's merry team of elves.

Santa's Elf Recruitment Checklist.

  1. Pointy ears

  2. Jolly attitude

  3. Excellent toy-making skills

  4. Ability to work well in a team

  5. Loves spreading Christmas cheer

  6. Good behaviour record on the Naughty/Nice list.

Cookie-Making Skills- a Must-Have.

Now, let's talk about one skill that is an absolute must-have for any aspiring elf: cookie-making skills. You see, Santa takes his cookies very seriously. They're not just a treat; they're a crucial part of the holiday magic. Every year, Santa relies on his trusty elves to whip up batches of delicious, mouthwatering cookies that he can enjoy during his long night of delivering presents. From classic chocolate chip to festive gingerbread, an elf's ability to create perfectly baked, melt-in-your-mouth cookies is highly valued in the workshop. So, if you know your way around a mixing bowl and can create confectionary masterpieces that would make even Mrs. Claus proud, then consider your cookie-making skills a golden ticket to elf recruitment. Santa knows that a well-fed belly makes for a happy and productive elf, and what better way to keep those energy levels up than with a plate full of warm, freshly baked cookies? Trust me, with your cookie-making skills, you'll be on the top of Santa's nice list in no time.

Must Be Able to Fly.

Now, let's talk about a more airborne skill than baking-related: the ability to fly. Yes, you heard that right, Santa is looking for elves with some serious wing power. Navigating the skies on Christmas Eve requires more than just a reindeer-led sleigh. Santa needs a team of flying elves to help him zip through the night and deliver gifts with precision. So, if you've ever dreamed of soaring through the air with grace and elegance (or accidentally knocking over a few lamps while attempting to take flight), your flying skills are what Santa is looking for. Just imagine the envy on the faces of those non-elf creatures as they watch you gracefully glide through the clouds. Think of the time saved on traffic jams and long train rides. So, strap on those imaginary wings, perfect your mid-air acrobatics, and join Santa's elite team of high-flying helpers. Santa's sleigh is waiting, and he's looking for elves who can fly as if they have been jingling since birth. Good luck, future aviator elves!

Good With Reindeer? Even Better.

Regarding Santa's recruitment process, being good with reindeer is a plus. But you know what's even better? Being able to communicate with them. Imagine the possibilities of chatting it up with Rudolph and his crew, discussing their favourite snacks or asking for insider tips on the best routes. Santa is searching for elves who can handle reindeer with care and bond with them on a whole new level. So, if you've ever had a conversation with a woodland creature or secretly wished you could participate in reindeer gossip sessions, then Santa's workshop might be the place for you. You may become the honorary reindeer whisperer and earn the title of Santa's right-hand elf.

Red and Green Wardrobe, Preferred.

Now, let's talk about the all-important wardrobe. Santa has a strict dress code for his elves, and it's all about the festive colours of red and green. It's not just about looking the part; it's about blending in with the holiday spirit. Whether you're wrapping gifts, operating machinery, or assisting Santa himself, your attire should reflect the merry atmosphere of the workshop. So, if you have a closet full of red and green attire or a knack for accessorizing in festive hues, you'll definitely have an advantage in the elf recruitment process. Just remember, Santa's workshop is all about spreading joy, and there's no better way to do it than by rocking the iconic red and green ensemble.

So, Santa has pretty strict criteria for choosing his elves. From being able to fit down a chimney to having a jolly laugh, these little helpers have a big responsibility. But let's be honest, who wouldn't want to spend their days making toys and spreading cheer with the jolliest man on Earth? So, if you ever find yourself at the North Pole and see a short, pointy-eared, red and green-clad figure, you may have just stumbled upon the perfect elf for Santa. Remember to check if they can make a mean cup of hot cocoa, too!


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