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Introduction (91 pages in the ebook)


Chapter 1 - You and your anxiety: how to overcome your stuck points

(the multifaceted you, understanding your anxiety, triggers, recognizing your challenges)


Chapter 2 - You mind, your body: how to face your inner demons

(Imaging the worse, self-blame, self-loathe, connecting them all with your mind and body)


Chapter 3 - Overcoming resistance to change

(Fears, Belief system, self-empathy, blocking systems, rewriting your life)


Chapter 4 - Reflection: how to arrive at acceptance and move on

(understanding your body signals, minding your mood, finding acceptance, assessing your present and preparing for the future)


Chapter 5 - Acting against angst: how to act on your fears and achieve your goals

(Evading avoidance, acting on your fears, being mindful of setbacks, realign your plan, complete what you have taken, become a better version of you)


Chapter 6 - Navigating self-imposed obstacles: how to stop being hard on yourself

(moving ahead of any past painful memories, overcoming obsessions, new beginnings)


Chapter 7 - Preventing burnout: how to overcome your anxiety without getting tied down by the idea of perfection.

(setting real expectations, leaving no room for pause, change one thing at a time, fear of feedback, overcoming feedback fears, reward yourself) 


Chapter 8 - You have got this: how to banish worry and live panic-free

(simplify, breathe, exercise, express yourself, stay present, you decide - ready or not?)



Anti Anxiety Formula

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