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Are you ready to confidently return to the workforce? Our comprehensive coaching package of six 45-minute sessions is designed to help you overcome a variety of challenges.


The package will equip you with tools to understand and analyse your motivations, develop confidence in your strengths and skills, and create an action plan. 


Whether part-time, full-time or flexible working suits your lifestyle, let us guide you! By discovering your preferences, we tailor this journey for a successful return to work. Let’s embark on this journey together.


Among the areas included in this package are:


  • Understanding your motivations for returning to work
  • Developing a clear view of your strengths and skills to build self-confidence
  • Clarifying your interests and assessing values and priorities
  • Identifying barriers that may hinder a successful return and discussing solutions
  • Generating alternative career options based on your preferences and priorities
  • Considering part-time/full-time/flexible working choices that suit you best
  • The learning and practising of networking skills will help you to succeed in your return phase.
  • Understanding the various routes back to work such as strategic volunteering, contract work, returnships, or supported hiring.
  • Creating an action plan that inspires motivation towards achieving a successful return to work.


As a valuable part of your package, you’ll have the chance to engage in a 30-minute exploratory session as well as a complimentary 50% discount on the treasure trove of resources available on the Donnan Community Services App - Coaching Vault.


With our personalised coaching package, we aim to empower your transition back into the workforce with confidence and clarity, providing you with the right tools and strategies tailored specifically to your needs. Let’s conquer these challenges together and embark on this transformative journey towards a successful work return.



T&Cs: All sessions must be used within three months post-purchase. Sessions will be over the phone or online (via Sessions - a Zoom equivalent). Up to two email support requests per week are permitted throughout the duration of this package. Requests can be in response to questions, a quick review of something the coaching client has written or a type of feedback. A discount code for the Coaching Vault will be made to the client after purchase in a separate email.

Career Come Back Package

  • Once you have purchased the package, I will contact you to discuss your requirements