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Dominate Your Year Ebook (79 pages, PDF format)



Chapter 1 - Why it's important to set goals

Setting goals empowers you

Setting goals improves your self-esteem

Setting goals changes your reality

Setting goals is good for your health


Chapter 2 - Discover what you really want

Overcoming disappointments and setbacks

Discover what you want from life

Wants and needs

How to discover your "Big Why"


Chapter 3 - Decide what you want in life

Brainstorming your goals

Your mind creates your experiences

Creating the right mindset


Chapter 4 - Create highly charged goals

Condensing your goals

Possible challenges

The power of anchors

Create your own anchor


Chapter 5 - Establish a deadline for each group

Regrouping your goals

Long-term goals

Medium-term goals

Short-term goals

Set deadlines for each condensed goal

The power of affirmations


Chapter 6 - How to program your mind for success

Programming your subconscious mind

Creating powerful affirmations

Converting your condensed goals into affirmations

Overcoming negative thoughts with affirmations

Using creative visualizations

Controlling your mind


Chapter 7 - Plan for Accelerated success

Creating an action plan

Harnessing the power of mind mapping

Create a mind map of each goal

Consistent daily action


Chapter 8 - How to be a higher performer 

Peak performance vs high performance

Daily planning

Block out time for your goals

Winning back time

Create a daily success planner

Increasing your energy and focus

Creating a change in your environment through action


Chapter 9 - Overcoming limiting beliefs

Your achievements aren't defined by your circumstances

The power of beliefs

Question your beliefs 

Overcoming your conditioning

Changing your life

Uncover and overcome limiting beliefs 


Chapter 10 - Bringing it all together

Do's and don'ts

Its time to make a decision










Dominate Your Year

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