Discover your goals and transform your life today!

How do you feel at the moment? 

  • Are you considering a career change and not sure where to start?  

  • Do you panic at the thought of going to an interview?

  • Are you having difficulties sticking to your goals?

  • Are you putting things off because you are afraid of change?

If you answer YES to any of these questions,  

Contact me today - I am here to help!

About Me

For the last ten years, I have coached and mentored many clients on a range of career, educational, and life issues. I have a calm and friendly manner and will listen to your situation. My aim is to help guide you on your journey,

so you can find solutions,  and live the life you want!

The Services that I offer are:

  • Employment Coaching Sessions

  • Life Coaching Sessions

  • Group Development Sessions

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Your Coaching Journey

Begin your coaching journey, today and so you can be in control of your future goals, tomorrow. 

Change only happens when you are ready to take action. 

Your coaching journey will be tailored to meet the needs of your goals. 


With each session, I will teach you how to use different coaching techniques and strategies. 

If so, what are you waiting for? Contact me now for a free 30-minute discovery chat, to discuss your situation.

To arrange a discovery chat, email me at -

I look forward to working with you!

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Bridge Over River


Support That Makes a Difference



Guidance & Inspiration for your career choices

Not happy in your current job?

 Anxious about returning to the workplace?

If so I can offer help with:

Planning Career Change

Career Anxiety

CVs / Resumes 

Cover letters,

Interview Preparation,

Job Search Guidance

Linkedin Optimization 

IMy specialization can help guide you through the maze to achieve your employment or career goals. 



Get the Most out of Life

Looking for a change but not sure where to start?

Do you keep wanting to achieve things but never seem to get them done?

Talk to me, and I will listen.

With each coaching session, we can look at the areas you want to achieve. 

I can show you how to use different tools and techniques so that you can navigate and plan your life's journey. 


Workshops in personal development and soft skills areas.

Need to improve your assertiveness, confidence or time management?


With my workshop sessions, you can learn how to apply this knowledge to enhance your own personal or professional growth.


You can also gain the opportunity to meet new people and learn in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Also available as 1-1 coaching sessions, on request.



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Belfast, United Kingdom

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