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Looking for Assistance in Crafting a Professional CV? Reach out to me today!

With over fifteen years in the field of career guidance and CV creation, I’ve had the privilege to guide numerous job seekers on their path to success!

A CV acts as a promotional tool, presenting you in the most favourable light to potential employers. Typically, recruiters spend about 20 seconds quickly browsing through your CV.

Your CV needs to accentuate your skills, experiences and suitability for the job role. However, simple errors like spelling and grammar mistakes, inconsistencies in employment dates, providing too much or too little information, poor formatting and an unprofessional email address can lead to your CV being discarded. Ideally, a CV should not exceed two pages and should contain brief, succinct information that utilises positive action words.

The value of your CV is equivalent to the worth of your professional capabilities £££. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure it checks all the boxes. Your CV should be well-labelled, neatly formatted, professional in tone and correspond with your skills and experience.

There are many helpful tools online to help with building your CV, try the free tool below to help you begin

Enhance your CV using our CV Writing Tool. Receive tailored suggestions to make your CV stand out. Be advised, each user is limited to three generations per day. Each generation will produce three unique outputs.

CV Styles

​There are three main styles of CVs:


​The functional or skills-based CV 

This style is ideal when you are changing jobs, new to the workplace, or returning to the workplace after an extended break. This style focuses more on skills and less on your work history. Recommended if you are a newcomer to the workplace, a school leaver, a graduate or changing career paths.


​Reverse Chronological CV: ​

This style is ideal if you have a strong work history. It is less focused on lengthy key skills descriptions, is concise and contains a shorter personal statement. 


​Tailored CV

This is the overall recommended style to use for CV applications. A tailored CV is literally ‘tailored’ to the job application. Use the information from the job posting to record your relevant skills and experience. Employers like this style as they can quickly get a sense of your skills and experience. Tailored CVs take longer to produce but are worth the effort.

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