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16 Positve Life Hacks

Some tips to help you to enjoy life a little bit more

1. Do More Physical Exercise – get the endorphins rushing

2. Get More Quality Sleep - a good night’s sleep will make you feel better to take on the world!

3. Put away your mobile – stop being a slave to it. Reduce the times you check it. It will still be there in the morning.

4. Spend more quality time with family and friends – I don’t spend enough time with my friends. When I do meet up with my wonderful friends Debby and MC – they make me feel great. Have you chatted with your friends recently? What are they up to?

5. Spend more time outside – feel nature all around you – it has a calming influence.

6. Stop griping, it is only negative energy – life is crap at times – so be thankful for the things that can do and the choices that you can make!

7. Learn something new – at the moment I buy a 99p book on amazon each week and use it to increase f my knowledge in self-development, social media marketing and English. Learn things what you are really interested in, your knowledge will grow, a lot.

8. Organise your time more effectively – create a schedule and stick to it. Keep it in a place that you can regularly see it. Give yourself a reward for sticking to your schedule. It does actually work unless your reward is cream buns!

9. Find something to get you inspired, even if just for a short time. Get out the paintbrush, try a new craft, and write a short story or blog!

10. Walk tall - Walk tall with your chest outlook people in the eyes. If you change the way you hold your body to reflect someone who is confident, you will feel more confident.

11. Stick on some lively music – sing, dance or jump around the room – it will make you feel happier.

12. Go with the flow - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined this phrase – sometimes it is good to put away the leader / in-charge position and just follow the crowd. If the kids are jumping the garden in their welly boots, join in. If the husband is in the kitchen making a new dish, don’t complain about the mess – join in chop up an onion or sip on a glass a wine (my favourite).

13. Remember – look back on some of the things that you have overcome in your life, give yourself a break. You did it and you can do it again, should it arise.

14. Enjoy the silence – love this one – quietness in my household is a rare quality – when I get some silence, very often I enjoy it for 15 minutes. Try it and listen to your own thoughts, what are they telling you?

15. Share a smile to a friend or a stranger – This will make you feel better but also the other person

16. Create a Mantra - incorporate a mantra into your daily routine or just use it when you need it. It is your anchor. Repeat it several times a day and it will become part of your psyche.

Example: “I change my thoughts, I change my world.”: Norman Vincent Peale

“Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.”: Laura Silva

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