Some helpful job hunting strategies

Updated: Aug 21

Some tips to help with Job Hunting

· Be clear on your job search parameter – location, type of work, work you would consider, salary, hours.

· Be organised – write a to-do list of the things that you want to achieve in your job search, set a few hours every week to job search, make sure that you have no distractions, record the jobs that you have applied for and take your time.

· Aim to complete at least 3 job goals each week.

· Take a break – give yourself a day off. Job searching can be intense.

· Don’t limit yourself to just online applications - Use at least three different job search strategies – regularly.

· Always apply for new jobs – jobs that have been posted within the last 24 hours.

· Use at least five different job websites and use their advanced search features. See appendix 1 for different job websites below.

· If you have a specific skill set, look through related trade magazines. Many employers will advertise job opportunities in these.

· Upload your CV to different job websites and make it visible to recruiters.

· Tailor your CV to meet the criteria of different job adverts.

· Make speculative applications – sending your CV and cover letter directly to an employer, where no job has been advertised.

· Regularly check out the recruitment sections on companies that you are interested in.

· Keep in touch with people in your networks – send them an email, text or give them a phone call and ask for their advice.

· Register with different recruitment agencies and find out the job websites they use; as this will give you an indication of the employers, they provide temporary or permanent positions for.

· Join local job hunting groups - charity/church/ community centre groups/ job centres

· Find out about organisations that run job training programmes. Some listed below:

For some more job search strategies – see appendix 2

Prepare for future interviews – going to look at this area in a separate blog.

Two examples for now!

Be on time – at least 10 mins before the interview.

Research the company – what do they do? Who are the key people that work there? What is their best selling products or services?

Social Media – going to look at this area in a separate blog.

Two examples for now!

· Build your presence online by letting people know your skills and expertise, though a blog or group.

· Join and interact with different job hunting groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Appendix 1 - Local Websites

Northern Ireland Based

Health and Social care jobs

Education and Library Board for Northern Ireland

Community sector

Civil Service

Local Councils

Civil Service -

UK Job Websites


Recruitment/Employment agencies can be found on

Interested in volunteering? 100’s of opportunities at:

Appendix 2 - Overview of different job searching strategies


· Transferable skills.

· Interests.

· Tasks that you enjoy taking part in.

· Previous employment that you have experienced/enjoyed.

· What do you have to offer an employer?

· What skills do you want to further develop?

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