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Awaken Your True Calling (64-page ebook)


Chapter 1 - What is purpose?

The difference between purpose and goals. Critical elements of purpose.

Chapter 2 - Keys to finding your passion

Give yourself the opportunities, explore, question yourself and test your passion

Chapter 3 - Setting personal goals that fuel your purpose

The importance of goals in living a purposeful life. 

Harnessing the power of goal setting. 

Chapter 4 - Being proactive.

Taking initiative, prevail or be prevailed on. 

Become more aware of your proactivity.

Chapter 5 - Begin with the end in mind.

Living with the end in mind.  Design or default. Writing your own script.

Chapter 6 - Leveraging positive visualisations

Building a foundation. Creative visualisation. Integrating creative visualisation into your life.

Chapter 7 - Mastering personal management

The four rules of self-management. The power of the strong and independent will.

Time management

Chapter 8 - Learning to overcome negativity

How to develop personal resilience.  The brain and resilience.

Chapter 9 - Leveraging mentors and coaches for your personal development

Key principles of quality coaching and mentoring.  Impact of coaching and mentoring.

Chapter 10 - Learning to live a balanced life.

The physical, spiritual, mental and social dimension



Awaken Your True Calling

  • Ebook will downlad in PDF format.

    The information in the ebook can be use to create a training course.

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