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Ready to Take the First Step Towards Your Future Profession as a Proactive Job Seeker?


Introducing the Career Basics Package from Donnan Coaching Services – a tailor-made offering designed to elevate your job search and give you a competitive edge in the job market.


This comprehensive career coaching bundle includes:


Professionally Crafted CV: Highlighting your skills and achievements to catch the eye of potential employers.


Customised Cover Letter: Making your application stand out from the crowd.In-depth Discovery Session: Understand your career goals and aspirations.


Three 60-Minute Specialised Career Coaching Sessions: Tailored for job seekers, covering essential topics.

Ongoing Email Support: Up to 1 request per week for a maximum of 3 months from purchase.


Delivered via video conferencing or telephone, this package is perfect for any job seeker.


Choose Three Specialised Coaching Sessions from the Following List:


Strengths Insight: Explore and understand your unique skills, uncovering your key strengths to effectively utilise them in your career and job search.


Professional Development Objectives: Get clarity on your career goals, enhance your skills, and advance your professional growth. This session helps you chart a clear and achievable career path.


Boosting Career Confidence: Build your self-confidence and belief in your professional capabilities. Gain the confidence to pursue ambitious career goals and present yourself as a compelling candidate.


Job Search Strategies: Discover effective methods for finding job opportunities that align with your aspirations. Learn to strategically navigate the job market.


Job Search Productivity: Stay organised, motivated, and maximise your job search efficiency with our expert guidance and strategies.


Selling Yourself to an Employer: Learn the art of self-promotion with ten crucial points for effectively showcasing your strengths and value to potential employers.


Personal Branding: Develop a strong personal brand that reflects your professional identity, creating a consistent and compelling image that stands out in the job market.


Networking Strategies: Build and leverage a professional network, utilising LinkedIn and other platforms to connect with industry professionals and discover new opportunities.


Why Choose the Career Basics Package?


The Career Basics Package is designed to not only help you secure a job but also to ensure you have a successful and fulfilling career. Each element of the package is crafted to provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the job market with confidence.


The Career Basics Package is your key to unlocking your potential and achieving career success.


Want a chat about this package?  Drop an email at


Let's embark on this journey of growth together as we seek out your next job opportunity!



Terms & Conditions for the Career Basics Package

  • Eligibility: This package is available to all job seekers, regardless of how long it has been since they graduated from university.
  • Package Options: Clients must choose three specialised coaching sessions from the list provided - not all.
  • Usage Period: All sessions must be used within three months from the date of purchase.
  • Session Format: Sessions will be conducted over the phone or online via video conferencing platforms (Sessions or Zoom).
  • Email Support: One email request up to three months from the purchase of the package.  Requests can include responses to questions, a quick review of written materials, or feedback on job search strategies.


Career Basics Package

  • Once you have purchased the package, I will contact you to discuss your requirements

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