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Introducing “Career Pathfinder”

Are you seeking clarity on the best career path for you? Look no further than “Career Pathfinder”, a tailored and comprehensive career coaching package designed to help you discover a career that suits your skills and aspirations. Stop feeling lost or thinking about what could have been, and take control of your future with "Career Pathfinder". This coaching package will alleviate your worries and provide you with the guidance and confidence needed to navigate your career journey effectively.


What’s Included in the Career Pathfinder Package?


This four-one-hour session package offers personalised, one-on-one coaching sessions to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, skills identification, and career planning.


Preliminary Call: Before our sessions commence, I'll reach out to discuss housekeeping points, schedule convenient sessions, provide access to the Career Exploration Webinar handout, and find out more about your situation.


Session 1: Understanding Your Current Career Position

  • Reflect on your current career standing and aspirations using a career blast audit.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of your current position.


Session 2: Identifying Career Values and Preferences

  • Delve deeper into identifying your career values, preferences, and aims.
  • Align these with potential career options.


Session 3: Exploring Career Profiles

  • Explore three potential career profiles.
  • Identify barriers and discuss options for a smooth transition.


Session 4: Setting Career Goals and Job Search Strategies

  • Set tangible career goals and plan how to achieve them.
  • Explore effective job search strategies for a successful career transition.


“Career Pathfinder” is more than just a package – it’s a voyage towards an enriching professional life. Let me guide you on this journey to find a career that reflects your ambitions and potential.


Why Choose Career Pathfinder?

  • Personalised Coaching: Tailored sessions to fit your unique career needs.
  • Comprehensive Support: From self-discovery to practical job search strategies.
  • Flexible Delivery: Sessions are delivered remotely via phone or online (Zoom or Sessions).


Terms & Conditions

  • Session Format: Sessions are usually delivered remotely via phone or online.
  • Client Commitment: Clients are expected to devote some time each week to using coaching tools, engaging in activities, and processing information.
  • Duration: The four sessions in this package can be spread over two months from the date of purchase.
  • Email Support: One email request per week is permitted for two months from the purchase of the package. Requests can include questions, a quick review of written materials, or feedback.

Career Pathfinder

  • Once you have purchased the package, I will contact you to discuss your requirements

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