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Bespoke Career Coaching 60 Sessions

Boost your career with a personalised 1-hour coaching session! Whether you're tackling a work challenge, preparing for an interview, or managing stress, we provide tailored guidance and practical tips.


How We Support You:

  • Low Job Satisfaction:

    • CV and LinkedIn Optimisation: Tailor your CV and enhance your LinkedIn profile for better visibility and networking.
  • Career Transitions:

    • Building Career Confidence: Reflect on past wins, tackle self-doubt, practice confident communication, and develop resilience.
  • Career Advancement Challenges:

    • Skill Assessment and Career Planning: Identify strengths, set short and long-term goals, and explore future career paths.

Session Examples:

  • CV and LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

    • Customise your CV.
    • Improve LinkedIn visibility.
  • Building Career Confidence

    • Reflect on achievements.
    • Tackle self-doubt.
    • Practice confident body language.
    • Boost assertiveness.
  • Professional Skill Assessment

    • Identify strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Develop a career progress plan.
  • Career Planning

    • Set short and long-term goals.
    • Explore future paths and retirement options.
  • Managing Career Transition

    • Navigate new role expectations.
    • Update CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn.
    • Plan for retirement occupations.
  • Job Search Techniques

    • Use job boards, agencies, and networking.
    • Apply through direct methods.
  • Work-Life Balance

    • Establish personal boundaries.
    • Manage workplace stress.


If you have a specific need not listed, let us know! We provide customised solutions tailored to your career goals.


Note: Interview preparation is not included in this session. Consider our Mock Interview or Intensive Interview options for this need.


Terms and Conditions for Coaching Sessions

- To ensure the best preparation for our coaching sessions, we ask that clients provide at least one to two week's notice before the scheduled session.

- Participants can be required to submit some background information in advance to help tailor the session to their specific needs.

- Our coaching sessions are conveniently delivered through video conferencing or telephone, according to the client's preference.

- If for any reason you're unable to attend a scheduled session, we require a 24-hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling.

- Please be aware that during particularly busy periods of the year, it may be necessary to book sessions at least four weeks in advance to secure a spot.

Career Coaching 60

  • Once you have purchased the package, I will contact you to discuss your requirements

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