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Prepare to enhance your career with a 1-hour intensive coaching session! Whether you're addressing a particular career challenge, preparing for an upcoming interview, or seeking ways to manage stress, we offer bespoke guidance and practical strategies.


Session Examples:

1. Career Pivot Power Hour: Engage in a 60-minute session where we'll delve into and unravel the complexities of any career challenges you're facing. We'll utilise your strengths, passions, and objectives to forge a path to a more rewarding career.


2. CV and LinkedIn Review Session: This hour is dedicated to enhancing your personal brand both online and in your CV. We'll thoroughly review your CV and LinkedIn profile, providing customised suggestions to enhance your professional image.


3. Job Hunt Strategy Consultation: Learn to master job hunting in the current competitive market. This personalised consultation includes everything from pinpointing suitable roles to creating an outstanding CV.


4. Get Interview Ready: Ideal if you're revisiting interviews after some time. We cover everything from basic preparation, understanding various question types, employing the STARR model for responses, to what to do after the interview. It's a comprehensive guide to help you excel in your next interview.


5. Skill Analysis & Development: Dedicate an hour to identify key skills to develop or new ones to acquire, tailored to your career goals.


6. Interview Role-Play Hour: Experience a realistic mock interview with immediate feedback, aimed at refining your interview skills.


7. Career Networking Workshop: Discover the secrets of effective networking in an hour. Learn how to establish and maintain valuable connections that can advance your career.


8. Managing Workplace Stress: Join us for a focused 60-minute session to identify and tackle sources of work-related stress. With insightful coaching questions and practical strategies, we'll explore methods to effectively manage and lessen stress, aiding you in achieving a balanced and productive work life.


If you're interested in a different area of professional development, please let us know! We are dedicated to providing customised solutions that align with your unique career requirements and ambitions. Our sessions are adaptable and designed to give you the most relevant and effective coaching experience.


Each session is tailored to be practical and focused, equipping you with the tools and confidence needed to excel in your career. Let’s begin your journey!


Terms and Conditions for Coaching Sessions

To ensure the best preparation for our coaching sessions, we ask that clients provide at least one week's notice prior to the scheduled session. Participants are required to submit some background information in advance to help tailor the session to their specific needs. Our coaching sessions are conveniently delivered through video conferencing or telephone, according to the client's preference. If for any reason you're unable to attend a scheduled session, we require a 24-hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling. Please be aware that during particularly busy periods of the year, it may be necessary to book sessions at least four weeks in advance to secure a spot.

Career Coaching 60

  • Once you have purchased the package, I will contact you to discuss your requirements

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