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Create a Growth Mind-set For Success



What is mind-set?

The two main mind-sets that create your reality – fixed or growth?

21 ways to foster a growth mind-set:

  • Remember 1 simple thing
  • Change your surroundings
  • Get up and get moving
  • Write out your goals
  • Give yourself a wakeup call
  • Build a growth mind-set by using the power of reframing
  • Be honest about your imperfections and shortcomings
  • Try new things
  • Don’t just try and learn one way
  • Throw out the words “failing” and “failure”
  • The end result is not as important as the process
  • Give your life purpose
  • Seek out and embrace constructive criticism
  • Don’t worry about speed, focus on growth
  • Growth is personal – stop playing the comparison games
  • Every time you achieve a goal, set another
  • Understand that constant seeking approval can stop growth/Reward Action over character traits like intelligence
  • Reflect, reappraise and replan
  • Give yourself some downtime
  • Own your attitude
  • Don’t forget to use the word “yet”


Create a Growth Mindset for Success

  • Ebook will downlad in PDF format.

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