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Goal Setting To Live a Life of Freedom (60 pages)


Chapter 1: Setting goals that you will be passionate about.

Creating a mission statement.

Tips for creating your own statement and being true to yourself.

Chapter 2: The power of visualizing your goals.

What is visualization? And how does it help with CBT and The Law of Attraction.

More practical uses for visualisation.

Chapter 3: Prioritizing and setting your goals.

The problem with goal setting.

Creating three goals and going after them.

Choosing three goals.

Chapter 4: Staying committed.

The power of passion.

How to stimulate and embrace your desires.

More tips for staying committed.

Chapter 5: The importance of accountability and using the help of others.

Should you share your goals?

Embrace the fear

Creating a movement

Chapter 6: Making the lifestyle transition

What is lifestyle design?

Chapter 7: Invest in You - Read, Read Read.

The power of reading.

Some great books to get you started.

Chapter 8: How to stay motivated when you are met with discouragement.

Energy Management

Chapter 9: Keeping your goals alive

Reviewing your goals

Chapter 10: Conclusion and making your action plan


Goal Setting to live a life of freedom

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