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Happiness through Self-Care

A simple plan to soothe and care for your body, mind and spirit.


Chapter 1: Self-care using CBT and mindfulness

- A brief history and explanation

Chapter 2: Silencing the inner critic


-Positive self talk

-Hypothesis testing

Chapter 3: Self-fulfilling prophecies

-The law of attraction 

Chapter 4: Looking after looks

-It's the little things - how to feel taller

-How to beam

-How to put your best face on


Chapter 5: Taking care of your health

-Getting started on a fitness regime

-Nourishing nutrition 


Chapter 6: Letting go of regrets

-Do regrets fade with time?

-That which has been done

Chapter 7: The power of gratitude and self-compassion

-Loving-kindness, meditation and gratitude

Chapter 8: Say goodbye to social anxiety

-Use CBT and become socially bullet proof

Chapter 9: Changing your environment

-Awe and wonder

-The healing power of nature

You home

Chapter 10: Why there's really no need for low self-esteem

Conclusion: Your blueprint for self-care


Happiness Through Self Care

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