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Instagram Stories (35 pages, PDF format)

How to tell your own success with Instagram

Chapter 1: Introducing Instagram

Why Instagram matters

Instagram in numbers

What you will learn

Chapter 2: Instagram's history and features

Instagram stories

Chapter 3: Getting started with Instagram - Choosing a Niche and setting up

Selling the dream

Examples of highly effective Instagram accounts

Choosing your niche

Getting started

Chapter 4: How to get started

Growing an Instagram account, the basics

How to gain followers

Chapter 5: How to use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories: The basics

Going Live

Making boomerangs

Tips, tricks and hidden settings

Chapter 6: Making the most of Instagram's powerful new features

Why we should be excited by the trend towards live

How to create great stories and live videos - tips and advice

Content that is great for stories and lives

Chapter 7: How to create stunning pictures and videos



Chapter 8: Monetizing your Instagram account and finding sponsors

Promoting your own products and services

Finding sponsors






Instagram Stories

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