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Leadership Influence

eBook PDF (51 pages)

How to Become an Influential Leader.


Content Outline



Leadership: Is it for you?

Chapter 1: Leadership in Action...Not action

Are you a leader of a slacker?

Chapter 2: Simple Leadership Basics

Blueprint for leadership - How to become a better leader.

Chapter 3: Leadership: Is Mentoring For You?

Realise your full potential.

Chapter 4: Effective Public Speaking

Relax your way to public speaking.

Chapter 5: The Real Cost Of Not Doing Leadership Training

How one-to-one Executive Coaching can work for you?

Chapter 6: How to Unleash All Your Potential

Effective Listening.

Chapter 7: The Difference Between Boss and Leader

Developing leadership personalities

Developing leadership skills.

Developing your own Leadership skills.

Chapter 8: What is Leadership Development

Types of leadership development

The keys to effective leadership development

How to see the future as a leader.

Financial modelling


Chapter 9: Myths About Leadership that need to stop.

Leaders should be 'one of the guys@.

Being a leader means being bold and brave.

How to give correct instructions

Be clear and concise.

Explain the why.

How to motivate and inspire your team.




Leadership Influence

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