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How to build mental strength to overcome any difficult situation and to live a better life.

Chapter 1 - Resilience: What is it?

(Why resilience is important, factors of resilience, can you build resilience?)

Chapter 2 - Types of Resilience for all of life's hardships.

(Psychological, emotional, physical and community resilience)

Chapter 3 - The Components of Resilience.

(Connection, wellness, healthy thinking, meaning and resilience in real-life examples)

Chapter 4 - How to build connections during times of loss.

(Benefits of connections, how to build and maintain health connections)

 Chapter 5 - How to foster wellness during times of poor mental and physical health. 
(Ways to foster wellness during times of poor mental and physical health)

Chapter 6 - How to think healthy thoughts during difficult and uncontrollable times.

(Recognize thinking traps, how to think healthy thoughts)

Chapter 7 - How to find a purpose when you feel lost.

(Why purpose helps resilience, purpose and meaning, how to find your purpose)

Chapter 8 - Bring it all together: Resilience Training

(Resilience Training and Training your Attention)



  • Ebook will downlad in PDF format.

    The information in the ebook can be use to create a training course.

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