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Side Hustle Secrets eBook (54 pages)

Chapter 1: Get in the right mindset to start a side hustle

- The right mindset

-You control your mind

- Know your "why"

- Chase the right goals

Chapter 2: Take inventory of your special skills and talents

- Low-level vs high-level skills

- Money vs satisfactions

Chapter 3: Build on your strength, outsource your weaknesses.

- Make good use of your time

- Is outsourcing the right thing to do?

Chapter 4: Map out your hustle idea and strategy

- Lists vs mind maps

- Your edge

- Brading your side hustle

- It's all about the details

Chapter 5: Analyse and validate your new hustle idea

- Analyse your competitors

- Get feedback from your target audience

- Do a "soft" launch

Chapter 6: Implement a solid marketing strategy

- Word of mouth marketing

- Door to door marketing

- Social media marketing 

Chapter 7: Set realistic goals and timelines with your hustle

- Goal setting

- Your goal timelines

- Constantly re-evaluate your goals

Chapter 8: Keep your side hustle separate from your day job

- Don't cheat at your job

- Manage your time well

- Set boundaries

Chapter 9: Create and follow a strict side-hustle schedule

- Plan your day

- Maximise your time

- Focus on one thing at a time

- Don't forget to reward yourself

Chapter 10 - Focus your time on what generates revenue

- Focus on your target audience

- Focus on generating and nurturing leads

- Focus on customer service

Chapter 11: How to avoid the side-hustle burnout

- Delegate or outsource

- Stop comparing yourself to others

- Set reasonable deadlines

- Take breaks and vacations

- Variety is the spice of life

Chapter 12: When it's safe to quit the day job

- You make way more money at your side hustle

- You have saved enough money if your side gig doesn't work out

- You are ready to scale your side hustle

- You are committed to seeing your side hustle succeed.

- You are missing out on opportunities






Side Hustle Secrets

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