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The Law of Attraction in Action (56 pages)


Part 1 - Six common myths of the law of attraction

Myth 1: The law is magical

Myth 2: This is all just self-hypnosis or delusion

Myth 3: The law of attraction is just wishful thinking

Myth 4: This is all just about affirmations

Myth 5: It's just a one-time thing

Myth 6: It requires special time or arcane training

Part 2 - Three steps to using the law of attraction:


Step 1: Be clear on what you want

The three steps to clarity


Step 2: Focus on what you want

Believe that it is possible

Believe that you can do it

Believe that your vision is clear

Act on your vision

Make it part of your daily routine

Integrate your belief into your daily life

Importance of action and manifestation

Small steps lead to big changes


Step 3: Accept what you want

Create an upward spiral of reinforcing action

Act on your dreams

Desire that positive feeling again



Believe in the law of attraction



The Law of Attraction in Action

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