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Looking for work is hard! It takes time and effort. It definitely takes patience and motivation. Unfortunately,  I can’t give you a job. I would really love to have this ability, however, I can get you job-ready through my career coaching services.

What is Job Readiness?

Basic principles of “job readiness” which are:

  • interview preparation,

  • personal presentation,

  • career opportunities,

  • having a detailed CV and cover letters,

  • knowing all the job market and its impact on your job sector,

  • using a variety of job search strategies,

  • having strong referees,

  • excellent communication skills,

  • reinforcing your personal career brand.

So What is Your Next Step?

If you need some help and guidance, feel free to contact me today.


Explaining your job struggles in a chat will only distract you from pursuing your career goals.


These can easily be discussed face-to-face by video chat, over the phone or in any other way that works best for you. ​


After we've talked, I then will arrange some individual coaching sessions.


This is where you can get more clarity around your career and what you're hoping to accomplish.

To arrange an appointment, contact Paula at

Career Journeys

Careers change over time. I interviewed Sarah Jane Cooper to learn about her career journey.

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