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The Importance of Finding a Meaningful Life

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Life is dynamic. There are times we are above, and sometimes we are below. There are times we feel happy, but it is not impossible we can experience suffering.

This reflection relies on the experience of Viktor Frankl who witnessed the suffering in the Nazi concentration camps. Frankl felt and witnessed a "hell" experience where humans struggle to survive, even though the hope of life is very small.

This experience led Frankl to analyze human character and personality more deeply. The essence that Frankl found is manifested in the search for the meaning of life as a necessity in human life - I repeat, the necessity of life.

As long as humans can find the meaning of their lives, they are able to continue to maintain their existence. The meaning of life can be found in every event that occurs in human life, both pleasant and tragic experiences.

Meaning of Life

Humans have the will and freedom in their life. Humans have the will and freedom to choose their attitude in every situation and determine their own path.

Humans are not free from biological, psychological, or even sociological conditions. These conditions affect and can change humans, but humans have reactions and choices to take a stand in dealing with these conditions.

The situation of suffering that exists outside the human being is not an absolute determinant. It is in the hands of human will and freedom that the meaning of life can be created, grasped or taken away. Humans do not give up and are not inferior to circumstances.

The meaning of life is also personal and unique because individuals are free to choose their own way of finding and creating meaning in life.

The meaning of life has its own uniqueness because human life situations are different from one another. Even the meaning of life differs from moment to moment.

Creating a meaningful life is the individual's responsibility and cannot be entrusted to others because they feel and experience the meaning of their own life.

That meaning will never run out because humans are constantly renewing the meaning of their own life by going through new life experiences.

The diversity and richness of the meaning of life is the power for humans to live their lives. The meaning of life also enables humans to give themselves to others.

The Importance of the Purpose of Life to Give Meaning to Life

The purpose of life is what humans plan for their life today, tomorrow, the next month, even the next few years. The life goals of people may differ from one another.

Having a purpose in life means having a self-identity. In other words, someone who has a purpose in life is someone who has a strong identity in living everyday life.

In a modern society like today, individuals who have clearly known their purpose in life are considered to have met the main criteria in leading to happiness in life. In fact, not everyone who knows the purpose of life can easily achieve true happiness. Not a few people end up suppressing their lives just because they are too ambitious with their life goals.

Having a goal is important to be able to make sense of this life. But it needs to be understood that "the purpose of life is not a tool to make us happy. However, the purpose of life is something that is useful, honourable, compassionate, and makes a difference whether we are just living or living life as best we can "

I don't know the purpose of my life, then how to find a purpose in life?

1. Focus on specific actions that make you happy

We do not write and live our lives with mere words, but we will engrave them with actions that we think are important to do. By taking actions that we think are important, we walk towards the life goals we hope for.

The purpose of life does not guarantee happiness for us. But by determining and doing what is important, we will feel happier and more satisfied with our own lives and can interpret life better.

2. Ask yourself these 3 questions :

Before determining the right life goal for you, answer these 3 very powerful questions that can help you to find this right life purpose:

a. When I am no longer in this world, what legacy do I want to leave for the people around me?

b. What do I want others to say about me when I am no longer in this world?

c. What different things should I do from other people's lives?

Answer the 3 questions above very honestly and openly to yourself. By answering these questions honestly, you can determine your life goals as best as possible.

After that, don't forget to execute and implement the actions that you have to do consistently so that your life goals have meaning, not just a life plan.

So, what is the Importance of Finding a Meaningful Life?

Continuous appreciation and struggle in interacting with the world around us will result in a dynamic, full of enthusiasm and joy.

In this connection, the meaning of life is the quality of the individual's appreciation of how much a person can actualize and develop their potential and capacity and to how far they have achieved their life goals with emotional freedom, in order to give meaning to their life.

More concretely, people who have meaning in life fight for intrinsic values which are believed to bring about "positively emotional" experiences, namely through good relationships with others and the environment.

Through emotional freedom, people can:

a. choose their life orientation;

b. make decisions in an effort to actualize and develop themselves;

c. have success and optimism in achieving life goals;

d. have resignation in accepting the final decision in his struggle to improve life and;

e. sustaining life through transcendent experiences.

People who have meaning in life are full of positive emotional experiences in interacting with a changing environment; whatever they experience, they still rejoice because they have the assurance that all will end in a pleasant life even when they experience death.

The point is that humans need meaning in life. A life without meaning, purpose, value or idealism will cause despair in humans. So, humans need certainty, strong idealism - transformed into ideals and guidance that directs their life.

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