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In this book, you will learn:

• Where stress comes from and why you need to deal with it

• The different types of meditation and what they are each for

• How to start meditation in an easy and convenient way

• How to progress and improve in your meditation practice

• How to use mindfulness in everyday life

• How to use meta cognition to understand your own thoughts

• How to overcome anxiety and stress with CBT and cognitive restructuring

• How meditation affects the brain • How to improve your lifestyle for even greater calm


The Calm Mind (53 pages)


Chapter 1 – Why are you always stressed – and why it needs to stop

Where does your stress come from?

The function of stress

Chapter 2 – Just what is meditation

Types of mediation

Making sense of it all

Chapter 3 – How to get started with meditation

Chapter 4 – Just what is mindfulness?

The role of mindfulness

Chapter 5 – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Explained

Mindfulness and CBT

Mindfulness washing up

Chapter 6 – Using Cognitive Restructuring to become a calmer and happier you

Chapter 7 – Understanding Stress, meditation and your brain

Your brain on stress VS meditation

Chapter 8 – Optimizing your life, diet and habit for less stress and greater fulfilment





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