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Healthy Boundaries Ebook (50 pages, PDF format)

You can take control of your life if you learn how to say no without feeling guilty. Learn how to manage your boundaries in all aspects of your life by purchasing this book. 


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Chapter - Defining Boundaries

-Why do I need boundaries

Types of boundaries - materials boundaries, physical boundaries, mental boundaries, emotional boundaries, sexual boundaries, spiritual boundaries.

-Why setting boundaries can be difficult


Chapter: How To Set boundaries

- Mentality for setting boundaries

-Defining your boundaries

-Enforcing your boundaries


Chapter: Boundaries in Dating

-Come with non-negotiables

-Take time apart

-Know how and where to express yourself

-Listen to your partner's needs


Chapter: Boundaries and Family

-Boundaries and marriage

-Boundaries and kids


Chapter: Boundaries and Work

-Why you need professional boundaries

-How to set professional boundaries

-How to express boundaries to your boss and co-workers

-What to do if you experience pushback


Chapter: Boundaries and yourself

-Financial boundaries

-Health boundaries

Social media boundaries

-Scheduling boundaries



Chapter: Resistance to Boundaries

-Be prepared

-Keep in mind

-What to do


Chapter: How To Measure Success Of Boundaries

-Success tracking method

-Successful boundaries

-Unsuccessful boundaries




Free ebook - It's okay to say no - click here 


Healthy Boundaries

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