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Power of Taking Action Ebook (63 pages, PDF format)

Here's how to beat inaction and start living your dream!


Chapter 1: Dream or fantasy

Dilemma of a dreamer

Feature of attainable goals

Pressure or passion


Chapter 2: Cross the bridge from dreams to reality

Creating a roadmap

Sources of motivation

Taking action


Chapter 3: Procrastination - The nemesis of dreamers

Investigating procrastination

What if I fail?

Eliminating distractions

Overcoming a carefree attitude


Chapter 4: Causes of procrastination






Lack of instant gratification



Chapter 5: How to overcome inaction

Emotional connections


Eat the frog

Change the triggers label

Leverage peak energy period

Identify resistance level

Think about the cost

Fight the feeling


Chapter 6: Delaying procrastination

Causes of lack of motivation

Identifying your stressors

Find sources of inspiration

Stay away from negative people


Chapter7: Turning cores to fun activities

Introduce music

Make games out of tasks

Leverage punishment


Share burden

Listen to audiobooks

Call a friend

Manage your mindset


Chapter 8: Flipping inaction into action

Set time targets

Leverage breaks

Choose diehard day

Seek extension for deadline

Drink more fluid

Don't have a zero-day

Avoid staying in your comfort zone








Power of Taking Action

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