The Productive Solopreneur (ebook - 50 pages)

-A solopreneur's guide to getting more done without burnout

Chapter 1: Why solopreneurs struggle with burnout

-Challenges of a solopreneur

-Chapter 2: Nootropics and nutrition

-Nutrition for optimal mental health

Chapter 3: Better sleep for optimal performance

-How sleep boasts focus

-Brain plasticity

-How to enhance sleep

-Sleep with the window open

-Invest in a good quality mattress

-Have 30 minutes of downtime at the end of the day

Chapter 4: Creating an optimal work environment

-The ground rules

Chapter 5: Work/life balance for solopreneurs: Getting it tight!

-Understanding decision fatigue

-Information overload

-Be strict

Chapter 6: Why meditation is the solepreneur's secret weapon

Chapter 7: Delegation, outsourcing and automation: How to earn more and work less

Chapter 8: Build the lifestyle that will make you the happiest

-What is success to you?

-Traditional notions of success vs what you actually want

-Knowing what you want

-Lifestyle design



The Productive Solopreneur